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Layout: Virtuoso Layout Suite ( L, XL, GXL) v4 – v6.1.7 Verifikation: Assura DRC, LVS , ERC, RCX

Layout: Custom Compiler Maxwell 2017
Verifikation: icvalidator​

Layout: Custom Compiler Maxwell 2017
Verifikation: icvalidator

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Dirk wurde von uns (Rohde & Schwarz, Messtechnikbereich) für 4 Monate als Physical Design Consultant im Bereich Layout eines Analog/Digital Converters ASIC`s eingesetzt. Er zeichnet sich durch fundierte Kenntnisse in analogem Layout, Flexibilität und kundenorientiertes Verhalten aus. Durch seine rasche Auffassungsgabe und seine Kooperationsfähigkeit konnte er sich sehr schnell in das schon bestehende Entwicklungsteam integrieren. Man kann ihn als kommunikativen Teamplayer bezeichnen. Eine weitere Stärke ist seine Methodenkompetenz, die es ihm ermöglicht auch themenübergreifend zu agieren. Durch sein großes Engagement, seine Übersicht und seine Zielstrebigkeit war es möglich, den Tapeout Termin für oben genannten ASIC zu halten. Wir freuen uns auf eine weitere Zusammenarbeit bei Folgeprojekten!
Dieter Schiggas
IC Physical Design Engineer | Rohde & Schwarz
Während der Entwicklung verschiedener DRAM- und Flash-Speicher-Technologien mit Ground Rules zwischen 90nm und 35nm arbeitete ich mit Dirk bei der Erstellung grundlegender Testmasken und erster produktiver Masken zusammen. Ich lernte dabei Dirk's Stärken sowohl in der Optimierung Design Rule kritischen Layouts, als auch im effizienten Erstellen von Teststrukturen durch Programmiertechniken kennen. Durch sein sehr breites technisches Verständnis auch für die Belange der Lithographie war es immer möglich optimale Lösungen auch für technologisch neue Anforderungen zu finden. Ich schätze Dirk als einen der fachlich besten Layouter ein, der gleichzeitig auch immer durch außergewöhnlichen Einsatz überzeugte.
Wolfram Koestler
Entwickluing | Infineon
I worked with Dirk for several years in the area of pre-development and research tasks of DRAM-Array structures. He is very target oriented with strong focus on defining and organizing his work-packages. Therefore Dirk mastered even tight development tasks, where clear and stable procedures were missed, by engaged, concise and thorough engineering based on deep technical understanding - all in a outstanding reliable manner. I enjoyed working with him benefiting from his professional and positive attitude.
Christoph Detsch
Management Physical Design | Intel Mobile
Dirk and myself cooperated on several leading edge DRAM design projects as layout and design team leaders, respectively. Dirk excells in his work by his technical expertise, high work efficiency and thourough work style. A task assigned to Dirk will be completed in time and with best solution possible. It's wonderful to cooperate with Dirk due to his calm and unexcited way of being. I believe this is key in his success in leading working groups with high social recognition. I can fully and confidently recommend Dirk.
Florian Schnabel
Patent Examiner | Eurpean Paten Office
Dirk helped us last 2.5 years with our Automotive Radar projects. I very appreciate his knowledge of layout techniques, but also Design and verification software features. Whatever I asked him, He always had a clear and right answer. It was a pleasure work with Dirk. Thank You.
Michal Krajicek
IC Layout Engineer | Infineon Austria
I am truly happy to recommend Dirk Baumann as layouter for analog/mixed-signal & RF/mm-Wave blocks and transceivers. As responsible for the complete mm-Wave/radar transmitter, I can ensure that Dirk is capable of solving small detailed layout challenges, while keeping the larger picture in mind. Dirk addresses the open topics immediately and interacts proactively with all designers to ensure a constant progress. Despite not being located at the same site, he always communicates very clearly and maintains focus on the key challenges he is addressing. During our collaboration I have always found Dirk accountable and extremely quick. I will certainly miss Dirk when he is no longer part of our project, but I hope to work with him again in the future and I can strongly recommend him for his next assignment.
Jonas Fritzin
Automotive Radar Design & Statem Engineering | Infineon
I am really happy to recommend Mr. Dirk Baumann for a successful career in the field of Analog/Mixed signal & mm-wave layout. I know Dirk from more than two years ago, when he joined our IC development team at Infineon. I was responsible for the design of RF transmitter and he did the layout for this module in different tape-outs. Hence, we had frequent contact with each other. Dirk is adept at developing positive working relationships with his colleagues and always gives the impression of being comfortable in several professional situations. He is capable of doing layout work in different scales (from small blocks till top level of complicated chips) with excellent performance. At all the time during our collaboration I found him to be dependable, reliable, diligent, honest and super-fast. Even though for some period we had not been sitting at the same location (which is most of the time required for a good alignment between designer/layouter), all the communications was going very smoothly and all the layout works were delivered perfectly by Dirk. I have no doubt he will bring lots of benefit to any team/company he joins.
Kambiz Hadipour
Staff mm-wave Design Engineer | Infineon

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